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Crowdfundur is made up of an Exclusive Team that has specialized in crowdfunding, marketing, public relations, inventions, product development and business. Holding over 15 Years of experience in the “Industry”, we have a 98% success rate and only intend to keep it that way. With over 500+ campaigns created and Successful, we have come together to create Crowdfundur. An exclusive Crowdfunding Agency (though we don’t even like to refer to ourselves as an “Agency”), where we only take on a limited amount of clients per campaign operation. Max 4 Clients at any given time. This allows 100% focus, full dedication to you, 100% Client relations, the ability for us to go above and beyond, as not just your “typical crowdfunding agency”, but as professional consultants in addition to everything we already provide. Pure project focus. Full Transparency. Personal Direct Lines and Communication Methods. Screen Sharing. Virtual Face to Face Meetings + much more. Again, we do not accept any campaign, project or client. We work with only selected clients who meet the criteria which is determined after our initial consultation and screening process.  

NDA Signed. Let's Talk


Our Initial Consultation meeting allows you to ask questions, get to know us, ask details and more. It also allows us to get to know you, ask our questions, review your project, review base strategy, budget, determine if we’re a good fit. If so, Great! We create you a rough proposal and proceed on.  

Discuss More in Detail


Great! The Second Consultation means Our initial consultation went well and we’ve agreed to continue. This meeting is a full review of your project, invention, creation, marketing, times, proposal, budget, the process, terms and more. Get down to the nitty gritty, create the contract, proceed.

How to Continue


If we end up here, amazing! Poposal confirmed, Contract reviewed, we now sign and proceed. Of course we cover all details + more. New info always comes to light. From Here, You’re Now an Exclusive Client with our Personal Contact Info, we make your custom gateway & officially begin.  

Crowdfundur VS Other Agencies

You're an Exclusive Client

We only take on 'max' 4 clients per campaign run. We are 100% Dedicated to you and your project. We are at your disposal and will only drive a successful campaign.

Pure Communication

Amazing communication. You hold our Personal Contact info, consistent calls, emails, screen-share, virtual face to face meetings and more. This is Key.

Full Transparency

No B.S. No useless stats to disguise poor performance, just the bottom line. Your Goal, Exactly what we're doing, communication.

Passed the Extra Mile

We go above and beyond for you. We treat your project as our own. In addition, we act as your consultant and assist in many ways.

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We are Experts in Crowdfunding, Marketing, Advertising, Branding Business + More. We have the Reputation, Credentials, References and Data to Prove it. We have previously owned and currently own successful businesses globally. In more “Industries” than you can imagine. We have worked with inventions, products and projects in every niche possible. You have our expertise at your disposal. We are very upfront, blunt and straight forward about everything. If we believe you are not doing something correctly, we tell you, help you fix it and more. If we believe there are additional ways to improve, maximize, optimize and or improve your project, we will tell you and we will help you. You are an Exclusive Client. This means we will do everything possible, in addition to your campaign, to make you and your project a success.



Detailed Consultation

Contact us for a Detailed, In Depth, Initial Consultation. Actually Speak with us. The Owners. Let us Collaborate and Truly assist you. Let's Discuss 1 on 1.

Virtual Meeting

After our Initial Consultation, let's have a Virtual, Face to Face meeting, know who you're working with, feel comfortable and let's get everything laid out to the T.


We can thank the other Crowdfunding Agencies for the Creation of our Company Crowdfundur. We Started this Agency because of the over-promising, unethical, false projecting, in it only for the money "Agencies". We are very familiar with them all and are here to actually deliver. Well, over deliver.
Here at Crowdfundur, we are Exclusive for a Reason. You cannot take on 10, 20, 30 Campaigns and Tell them all they will be successful. Because they won't.
We do not outsource. We do everything ourselves. We do not flood our client base. We are selective on our clients. Treat their projects as our own.
And make them a success. Simple as that.
Initial Prep

Idea, Digital, Invention, Product Creation, Design, Shipping, Marketing, Production, Fulfillment +


Complete Setup, Creation, Design, Graphics, Content, Video, PR, Marketing, Strategy, SM +

Live Campaign

Effective Marketing, Outreach, Management, Reward Strategy, Promotion, PR, Social Media +


Campaign Completion, Deliverables, Fulfillment, Promotion, After Marketing, Social Media, Ongoing Support +



We get it. Crowdfunding is a stressful journey. The Stress, Sleepless Nights, Unforeseen challenges and setbacks appear at every turn. Statistically, most campaigns will fail. Marketing is the biggest obstacle between you and crowdfunding success, but you’re in luck (or you did your research) and found Crowdfundur. It’s almost impossible to explain on a website or on a video of everything we offer and how we can help you. Every Idea, Invention, Project, Client and Campaign are different. This is why our process is the way it is. Because the only way to make your crowdfunding campaign successful, is for both parties to speak in detail, allow us the opportunity to discuss, analyze and to conduct our due dilligence. This way we can fully tailor to your needs, as every client is in a different spot in their process and needs custom assistance. This is what we do here at Crowdfundur. We fully identify the technical aspects, creative aspects, strategic aspects and all around business aspects of your project in order to make it a success. We are Exclusive. 


With it being nearly impossible to list every service we offer here at Crowdfundur, as the nature of each business being different and needing custom tailoring specifically to their needs... we wanted to at least touch base on a few key points that are crucial to every campaign. Please do note, that we have left out many specifics, strategies, tactics and do not cover our network, reach and personal process, due to the effectiveness of our methods. But not to worry, as many of the unlisted tactics and or strategies are covered after our NDA is signed, the initial project discussion is completed and we move on to the Middle Meeting Stage.
Discovery and Strategy

We take the time to create a solid foundation for your campaign through our initial meetings so we can fully understand your product and how best to market your entire project. Of course, we are also contracted with Professional videographers and photographers for full product shoots and High Def, Custom Videos.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools for every crowdfunding campaign. Do not underestimate the power of this. Our lead generation is like none other and our inbox rate is amazing. Our email marketing tactics improve relationships with your customers, keep them updated and result in a heavy sales and backer increase.

Digital Revolution

Utilizing the correct Social media channels, we will grow your Brand to the fullest. We utilize the 5 in 1 Strategy, which is a very creative method we created. We are sure to communicate with fans and potential backers of course for an authentic customer experience. We 'properly' push your idea and or product using effective methods, resulting in a larger more interactive following.

Keyword Rankings

SEO is Key. But it takes time. And time is of the essence. Using Our strategy and techniques, we are able to bypass the normal time frame and rank for mid and high comp keywords. We focus on high comp first, to take advantage of top tier sites for max promotion. We will reach the major crowdfunding markets, boost your supporters and place you on page 1 of google, yahoo and bing, Fast, by implementing our strategy.

Pre-Launch Lead Generation

Through landing page creation, Facebook Ad development and the growth of your social media following, our team will collect and target qualified leads for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Leads that convert and that want to buy your product as soon as possible. Email, Social, Contact Numbers and More.

Copywriting & Strategy

Having a great product or idea is the first step, properly pushing your brand is the second. Our strategy is what separates you from competitors and allows us to target your audience so that your project resonates with fans, gains pledges, true supporters and boosts your campaign. We are sure to keep everything protected for you using the proper methods all at the same time.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very powerful method to promote your campaign. Having someone very well known vouch for your Product, leads to Supporters and more. We Utilize our Personal Networks with major fans and we use our networks to reach out to well known influencers and use our tactics to reach the best influencers in your industry for the most effective promotion.

HQ Videos & Photos

We do not own a studio. We are contracted with Top Tier Industry Professionals in Videography and Photography. We work 1 on 1 with them and are there from start to finish, in person. Your Product Photos, Product Videos, Graphics, Demonstrations, Commercials are made to perfection. We refuse to create anything we would not use ourselves on our own personal campaigns. Everything we Create is 100%.

Facebook Strategy

Ad spend and targeted marketing is very important, yes. But in addition, we gain the best possible outcome from FB using all our strategic, tactical marketing methods. Creating a highly targeted audience base quickly, efficiently, which identify your market and true backers. Which of course, we drive to your campaign.

Public Relations

Other agencies sell obsolete press releases, We are specialists in PR and our Networks expand globally. As an Exclusive Client, we utilize our networks. And we do not take this lightly. Our additional PR methods leverage connections with many of the top technology, gadget bloggers and journalists to ensure your project gets covered by outlets that target your niche.

Cross Promotions

Cross Promoting to the correct outlets using strategic Methods takes experience, Networking and Budgeting. Utilizing as many free, yet very effective options. We still want to hit some of the major channels that will benefit your campaign and brand to the extreme with the proper budget. The Importance of this is Critical and will take your campaign to a complete new level.

Rewards and Referrals

Reward and Referral Strategy key to a successful campaign. We have mastered Rewards for every niche that are one of a kind and sought after from other agencies, as well as our Referral tactics. We establish an army of professionals to drive backers to your campaign with our inhouse tactics and marketing. We create an army of individuals to promote your campaign to the fullest on top of everything else we do for you.


    Exclusive Truly Means Exclusive

    We cannot stress enough about only taking on certain clients. We take on Max 4 Clients per Campaign Duration. We do this to fully focus on your campaign, make sure it is successful, be able to communicate with you directly and how we'd want to be communicated with if we were in your shoes and to under promise and over deliver. We know the struggle of creating the uncreated. The sleepless nights, money spent, stress and the overall importance. We treat each campaign as though it was our own.


    Feel Comfortable Working With Us

    We believe very strongly in communication. Unlike any other agency, our clients receive our personal contact information. We have regular phone calls, consistent email updates, weekly virtual face to face meetings, screen share sessions, full consulting sessions on a regular basis and we dive straight in to work with you very closely. Communication and Client Relationships are priority. We cannot stress this enough.


    We Have a 98% Success Rate

    98% is not 100%. We know. But things do come up during campaigns that are uncontrollable and we do account for them. Your campaign is Exclusive to us. We operate your Campaign as though it was ours. We drive for the most funding, the best brand awareness and go beyond the extra mile for you. Before Launch, During Launch and After Launch.



We take that back. We have had some negative feedback. But that is from client we unfortanatley cannot take on. As again, we are exclusive and not every project is what it seems. We are fully focused and dedicated. We specialize in launching successful campaigns for our clients to grow and accelerate their strategic business goals. From lead generation, user acquisition and social awareness to crowdfunding, product development, product launches, brand growth, brand awareness, market expansion, we leverage our deep expertise and proven formula of growth success to coordinate impactful marketing campaigns that deliver maximum value. Our focus areas include: go-to market strategy, viral advocacy, social media, online advertising and marketing funnel optimization, creative design, content marketing, influencer communities and public relations.

Exclusive Client Base

We hold our initial meetings, as we do not take on just any client. We work with limited clients at a time. Giving your campaign our all.

Our Cutting Edge Tools

Known for our techniques. We test, validate and experiment using the latest methods and tools. Always developing effective new tactics.

Experience and Expertise

We’ve worked on many campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, we apply our personal methods to your campaign.

Our Integrated Approach

We integrate, offer and apply unique tactics customized to you. Such as guerilla marketing, paid and earned marketing approach.

Our Proven Formulas

We’ve developed a proprietary model for amplifying campaign success. No Matter the Idea, Product, Niche or Industry.

Proven Track Record

We consistently achieve massive awareness to drive campaign objectives. Have a 98% success rate and the references and data to prove it.

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Starts With The Idea


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The Continuous Passion


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Consistant Hard Work


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To Create the Uncreated



With Every Client being at a different stage and each project being custom tailored, We offer flexible options for our clients to choose from in order to fit every ones needs. To establish a permanent price that is set for everyone is nearly impossible. Each client is 100% tailored to accordingly and each of its own, needs to be treated as a completely different project. None are the same. Our rates and costs are 100% transparent, laid out to you upfront and are agreed upon, discussed and set during our contract stage. We Deliver Results and Success.
Our Base Fee

We Charge a Flat Rate Fee on all Projects. This can differ from client to client, as everyone is at a different place in their process, needs something different, needs us for a different time frame and varies on the project itself.

Marketing Percentage

If you feel more comfortable, we offer a Marketing Option, where in addition to our Base fee, we charge a small percentage on your marketing budget and a smaller percentage on your campaign funding reach.

Base Fee - Option 2

Some choose to agree on a higher base fee, which allows no percentage to be taken from the Marketing Budget or Campaign Funding. Negotiated during contract

Campaign Percentage

You may want to utilize our campaign percentage option, plus our base fee, where a percentage of the total campaign funding to be paid out after the completion.

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Crowdfundur is a global creative agency that specializes in crowdfunding, business, website design and development, graphics design, video production, mobile media, motion graphics, social media, PR & branding. We work closely with inventors, entrepreneurs, and enterprises both large and small. After years of experience, we developed more than a process, but a proven “method” to get the best results for our clients and their crowdfunding campaigns. We are experts in creating highly successful, impactful digital assets that are the heart and soul of dynamic marketing campaigns dedicated to launching and promoting new brands and products on a global basis. We do this with years of experience in PR, social media, influencer, email marketing, specialized marketing, networking and working with our clients on a 1 on 1 basis. We are market leaders when it comes to developing, launching, and supporting crowdfunding campaigns, especially on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. No Matter the Idea, Invention, Product, Niche or Industry.

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As we are not affiliated with any of the Crowdfunding Platforms and or Companies listed above. We have a 98% success rate on each of them. Though we normally recommend Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, based on the time, year, metrics, analytical data and stats based on due dilligence and market research in 2019/2020, we offer our Crowdfunding services on the platforms above and many more.


Feel free to drop us a detailed message. We also have many other ways for direct contact. Direct Phone, Skype, WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber and Email. Please note: When Contacting us, please provide information. We are contacted a lot and do not respond to brief messages without contact information and details.

Phone: (800) 862-4662   |   Facebook: @Crowdfundurllc   |   Email:



Please see below for the different methods to contact us directly. If you are ready to take your Crowdfudning campaign to a whole new level, it’s time to talk. You came to the right place. Working with us is one of the best decisions you could make. The drive, the passion, the skills, the experience and the ability to “truly” work directly with the owners and have our exprtise in the palm of your hands, will change the way you look at other businesses forever.