John Oliver fulfilled an AI artwork prophecy by marrying a cabbage

Final Week Tonight host John Oliver married a cabbage in an intimate ceremony officiated by Steve Buscemi. The small wedding ceremony was the end result of an unlikely whirlwind romance — one which was wholly manufactured by a single particular person’s AI generated artwork.

Web sites that use synthetic intelligence to generate artwork from written prompts have develop into a development, with customers inputting essentially the most weird concepts they’ll think about and sharing the outcomes on-line. One such consumer is the visionary postpoopzoomies on Discord, who “bought excessive” and utilised Midjourney to create a number of hundred pictures of Oliver.

There have been many random pictures, after all, equivalent to “John Oliver as Mona Lisa” and “John Oliver at brunch with the ladies and he is laughing as a result of Debbie informed a humorous joke.” Nevertheless, essentially the most gripping sequence of Oliver-themed AI pictures informed a whole love story between the comic and a cabbage, from rising it, to courting it, to marrying it, to unintentionally consuming then mourning it. There was even an enemies-to-lovers aspect thrown in for good measure.

“What a journey all of us simply went on,” stated Oliver. “This story is a real testomony to life’s highs and lows, exhibiting how poetic, beautiful, and weirdly stuffed with cabbage life will be.”

Oliver appeared appreciative of his position as postpoopzoomies’ muse. Nevertheless, he did observe that whereas most of the different prompts created acceptable depictions of him falling in love with a cabbage, it struggled with their wedding ceremony footage. This, apparently, merely couldn’t stand.

“There’s actually just one technique to treatment the truth that we have been cheated out of that key wedding ceremony picture, and that’s for me to supply it for you now,” stated Oliver. “So please, include me, as a result of I am about to marry a fucking cabbage.”